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Adult Detention

Adult Detention Center

The Guadalupe County Adult Detention Center is a 598 bed detention facility with 119 certified male and female corrections officers which are certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE).

The jail books an average of 8,000 inmates a year with an estimated 3,600 transferred to various courts. The amount of hot meals served per day totals approximately 1,800.

face photo robert hernandez

Robert Hernandez




face photo greg martin

Greg Martin
Assistant Jail Administrator

(830)303-6342 Ext 2241


face photo enrique martinez

Captain Enrique Martinez
Jail Operations

(830)303-6342 Ext 2263



face photo abraham haiyasoso

Lieutenant Abraham Haiyasoso
Jail Operations

(830)303-6342 Ext 2267


face photo Jose cerda

Lieutenant Albert Cerda
Jail Operations

(830)303-6342 Ext 2242


Jail Helpful Numbers

     Background Checks                         830-303-6342 ext 2239

     Bond Information                              830-303-6342

     Jail Records                                       830-303-6342 ext 2239

     Visitation                                             830-303-6342 ext 2270

     Chaplain Service                                 830-303-6342 ext 2240


General Information

What Happens When Arrested?

When a prisoner is brought into the facility, they will need to be processed (booked). This includes being searched, having the arrest report completed, and being fingerprinted and photographed. How long this takes depends on how many prisoners are being processed at that time, and how cooperative the prisoner is. Uncooperative or intoxicated prisoners will be processed as soon as the booking officer is able to do so. Prisoners are processed in the order that they are brought in. After processing, prisoners are then placed into a holding cell pending magistration (times vary and depends on the Judge's schedule). Magistration is the procedure where a prisoner charged with an offense and is brought before a Magistrate (Judge) and the Magistrate informs the prisoner of his/her Constitutional Rights and of the charge/charges that have been brought against him/her and sets the Bail amount.

"Bail" is the security given by the accused that he will appear and answer before the proper court the accusation brought against him, and includes a bail bond or a personal bond.

What is a bail bond?

A "Cash Bond" is a contractual agreement between the accused and the Court having jurisdiction over the offense, ensuring that the defendant will appear in court. The defendant posts the dollar amount of the Bond, which will be returned to him upon his appearance in court. (Verify with District or County Clerk for clarification of actual procedures) Guadalupe County District Clerk - 830-303-4188 ext. 1513, Guadalupe County Clerk - 830-303-4188 ext. 1516.

"Surety Bond" is a contractual agreement between the accused, a Bail Bondsman and the Court having jurisdiction over the offense, ensuring that the defendant will appear in court. The defendant pays a fee to the Bail Bondsman, who in turn posts the dollar amount of the Bond, which will be returned to the Bail Bondsman upon appearance of the defendant in court.

A "Personal Bond" is a contractual agreement between the accused and the Court having jurisdiction over the offense, ensuring that the defendant will appear in court. The defendant is not required to post the dollar amount of the Bond, rather is released on his own recognizance. However, if the defendant fails to appear in court, the defendant is then indebted to the court for the amount of the Personal Bond.

What is bail punishment?

"Bail" is not a punitive measure, rather a guarantee that the person charged will return for court. The Magistrate will examine many factors including, State and County of residence, employment, marital status, dependents, prior failures to appear, seriousness of offense, etc.. The greater the risk that the person will not return for his trial, the higher the amount the bail that is set.

How do I contact a bail bondsman?

Most bail bond company's are available 24 hours a day. Guadalupe County is a Bail Bond Board County which means bonding companies must be licensed in order to post bonds. An approved list of bonding companies is available at the Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff's Office employees may not contact a Bail Bondsman for you, nor can they recommend one, you must make the arrangements yourself.


Inmate Personal Property

An inmate may receive court clothes ONLY if he/she is going to jury trial. If an inmate is released and does not have the proper attire to leave the facility he/she will be issued indigent clothing.

An Inmates Personal Property can be picked up between the hours of 8:00 A.M. through 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, except for county holidays. All property released must be accompanied by a property release form, filled out by the inmate, stating to whom the property is released to prior to releasing property. The individual named on the release card must present State Issued Identification upon receipt of the property. If an inmate is transferred to another facility and cannot take his/her property with them and the inmate does not make arrangement for the property to be picked up by another, the property will be destroyed or donated to indigent after thirty (30) days.






A) Outgoing mail will be picked up by a Unit Officer.

B) Outgoing mail will be delivered to the U.S. Postal authorities after processing.

C)    Incoming Privileged Mail

  • 1) Privileged Mail is mail received from any of the following:
    • (a) Officials of the Federal, State and Local courts
    • (b) All federal officials and officers, including the President of the United States
    • (c) State Officials and officers, including the Governor and Texas Commission on Jail Standards.
    • (d) Letters to bona fide news media
    • (e) Your attorney
  • 2) Privileged mail from correspondents identified above will be opened only in the presence of the inmate addressee with inspection limited to locating contraband.
  • 3) We will verify addresses to determine the validity of particular mail.
  • 4) Privileged Mail will be mailed to 2615 N Guadalupe St Seguin, TX 78155

D)    Incoming Non-Privileged Mail

  • 1) Will be mailed to our vendor Viapath at PO BOX 247 Phoenix, MD 21131
  • 2) Mail will be scanned in and forwarded to the facility via digital format.
  • 3) Mail will be reviewed by facility staff
  • 4) Once approved digital letter will be delivered to inmate via the secure inmate tablet system
  • 5) The facility will not allow anything to be printed for or by the inmates.
  • 6) Friends and Family can contact the vendor for support at for any mail delivery issues.
  • 7) Please notify friends and family that all incoming mail must have the sender's full name and complete address on envelope.
  • 8) Incoming mail must have
    • (a) Your full name (the name used when you were booked into jail),
    • (b) Your SO#
  • 9) Mail is not allowed to have:
    • (a) stickers,
    • (b) glitter,
    • (c) lipstick,
    • (d) perfume/cologne,
    • (e) bodily fluids,
    • (f) etc...
    • (g) Mail received with any of these items will be refused and returned to the sender.
  • 10) Contraband discovered in any mail shall be taken away.
    • (a) You will be notified in writing of any such action by way of the Confiscated Inmate Property Form.
    • (b) Criminal Charges could result for the sender.
  • 11) Newspapers may be received in the mail only through subscriptions.
    • (a) Will be sent to the facility directly at 2615 N Guadalupe St Seguin, TX 78155
    • (b) Newspapers older than seven (7) days old will be disposed of.
    • (c) You cannot collect and save them.
    • (d) Newspapers will not be placed into your property.
  • 12) Books and Magazines can only be ordered and mailed directly from the publishers.
    • (a) Will be sent to the facility directly at 2615 N Guadalupe St Seguin, TX 78155
    • (b) You can get recreational reading material from our recreational library.
    • (c) Puzzle books are available for purchase from commissary.
  • 13) Photos:
    • (a) Will be mailed to our vendor Viapath at PO BOX 247 Phoenix, MD 21131
    • (b) Nude and/or sexually explicit photographs or pictures will not be accepted.
    • (c) Photos will be scanned in and digitally delivered.
    • (d) Facility will not print photos and will not accept physical photos.
  • 14) You are permitted to send as many letters as you have materials and stamps available.

E)     Outgoing Non-Privileged Mail

  • 1) All outgoing mail must have your name, SO#, cell# and detention center address on the envelope
    • (a) Failure to put the information on the envelope will result in the letter being returned to the inmate if we can identify the inmate who sent the letter.
    • (b) If we are unable to find out which inmate is sending out the letter, the letter will be destroyed.
  • 2) All outgoing mail to the general public may be opened and read.
  • 3) Envelopes with drawings or writings, other than shipping and return address, will be returned to the inmate.
  • 4) We will not reimburse you for the lost postage due to your violating this rule.
  • 5) DO NOT seal the envelope

F) Outgoing Privileged Mail

  • 1) Mail addressed to the following persons or organizations shall not be interfered with or opened without a court order.
    • (a) Officials of the federal, state and local courts
    • (b) All federal officials and officers, including the President of the United States
    • (c) State officials and officers, including the Governor and Texas Commission on Jail Standards
    • (d) Letters to bona fide news media
    • (e) Your attorney

G) Indigent

  • 1) If requested and you are indigent, you shall be furnished a reasonable amount of paper, pens, envelopes and stamps necessary when corresponding with your attorney(s) and the courts.
  • 2) If you are indigent you shall be furnished a reasonable amount of paper, pens, envelopes, and stamps to mail three (3) letters per week for all other correspondence.
  • 3) These items will be given to you during your normal commissary day (additional legal requests can be made to Commissary).
  • 4) Officers do not have access to these items.



Telephone Calls
Outgoing Inmate Phone Calls
We DO NOT accept incoming phone calls for inmates. We Do NOT give messages to inmates.
Telephones will be available in the inmate's living unit from 07:00am to 11:00pm. Out going calls can be made on a collect call or pre-paid basis. There is a twenty (20) Minute time limit on each telephone call. At or near the end of the telephone call you will be given a verbal warning that your time has almost ended.
Any attempt to manipulate the phone system will result in disciplinary action. Phone calls are monitored and recorded.
Good information from GTL on how to avoid disconnection
Helpful tips to avoid calls from inmates from being disconnected:
1)DON'T attempt a 3-way call
2)DON'T try to transfer the call
3)DON'T put the inmate on hold
4)DON'T use or answer "call waiting"
5)DON'T use cordless phones
6)DON'T press numbers on the touch tone pad during the call 7)DON'T stop the conversation for any length of time, even short pauses may result in disconnect
Once a number has been blocked, only the person the number is listed to may unblock the number by calling: 1-866-230-7761 (THE GUADALUPE COUNTY ADULT DETENTION CENTER DOES NOT BLOCK PHONE CALLS AND CAN NOT UNBLOCK THEM.)
Advance Pay
Destination Prepay Family members and friends of inmates are now given the option of setting up prepay calling accounts using VISA or MasterCard. Calls that may otherwise be blocked are now completed through GTL's AdvancePay program.
How does it work?
AdvancePay allows inmates to call your telephone number without the restrictions of standard billing. Whan an inmate attempts to dial a blocked number, AdvancePay will provide the option to the called party to set up a prepay account.
To set up a prepaid account call toll free:
Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 6am to 10pm CST
Saturday and Sunday 8am to 7pm
Website: www.GTL.Net
For all other Billing Questions call toll free: 1-877-650-4249


All Visitors must provide valid photo identification

Proper identification Includes

  • A current state driver's license

  • A current License to Carry Handgun
  • Military I.D. Card

  • Passport

  • Any valid picture I.D. issued by a city, county, state or government agency

Visitation Hours:

Effective 6/1/10 our visitation schedule will be based on the inmates first letter of their last name.

  • A-L will have visits on Fridays and Sundays
  • M-Z will visit on Saturdays and Mondays
  • Male visitation hours are 0830am to 1030am and 1200pm to 400pm (there will be no visits from 1030 to 1200)
  • Female visitation hours are from 800pm to 10pm

Visitation Policies:

  • Inmates may receive two (2) visits per week for a period of thirty (30) minutes per visit and a total of (60) sixty minutes per week. No single visit of sixty (60) minutes will be authorized under any circumstances.
  • A visit may be denied to any person if the visitor or inmate fails to comply with the visiting rules, or when there is reason to believe the visit may not be in the best interest of the security of the facility.
  • The Shift Commander may approve a special visit for immediate family members only who travel a verifiable distance greater than one hundred (100) miles radius from Seguin. This family member does not have to be listed on your visitation card, but must be verified as an immediate family member. In some cases proof of relationship may be required (i.e., marriage license, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Signing up for a visit will begin 15 minutes prior to the start of visiting hours till 45 minutes prior to the end of visitation hours.
  • A responsible adult listed on your visitation card MUST accompany visiting children (16 years old or younger). Children will never be left unattended by an adult anywhere on the premises.
  • A conservative dress code is enforced at all times: Visitors will not be permitted to visit in revealing (bust, belly or underwear) clothing, including tank tops, spaghetti straps, short shirts, short shorts or " see-through" attire. Approving authority on proper attire is the Front Desk Detention Officer.
  • YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING ANYTHING INTO THE FACILITY EXCEPT YOUR IDENTIFICATION AND YOUR KEYS. This includes but is not limited to food, drinks, cameras/camcorders, cellular phones, backpacks, diaper bags, purses.

  • WARNING: If found in violation of any of these sections you can and will be banned from visiting any inmates in the Guadalupe County Adult Detention Center.

Attorney Visits

Attorney visits are for Attorneys to visit with their clients not their family members (unless they are representing them in an actual case). Failure to comply with this will result in your attorney visit privileges being pulled.

You may visit your client anytime 24 hrs a day unless there is an emergency within the facility. Coming during the following hours there will be a delay due to headcounts and feeding:

  • 0700-0800

  • 1030-1130

  • 1630-1730

  • 1900-2000

  • 0330-0430

If you come after hours and the visitation door is locked please check in with dispatch and they will notify the Jail.

You need not be listed on your client's visitation card.

You must present a valid driver's license and your bar card. You will not be allowed to visit without your state issued bar card.


HSI Victim Notification Program


TouchPay Online

Fund Inmate Accounts information




GTL Online



Jailing Information




Guadalupe County Crime Stoppers 877-403-8477 or Submit Online
Guadalupe County Crime Stoppers 877-403-8477

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