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The Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office has been made aware that multiple persons in the area have received phone calls from someone claiming to be Deputy Layne Porter at the Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office. It was reported that the caller stated the person had several $500 warrants out for their arrest. The caller told the person to stay on the phone and they would take care of the payments right away. The person receiving the call stated they believed it was a scam and hung up, then called the Sheriff's Office to report the incident.

This incident is a failed scam attempt. Layne Porter is an Investigator with the Sheriff's Office and he is assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division, but he did not make these calls. It is not standard procedures for any Law Enforcement agency to call you and ask for you to pay for a fee, warrant or other fines over the phone.

Remember if you receive a phone call and doubt the caller, hang up and call law enforcement. DO NOT GIVE PAYMENT OVER THE PHONE.

Guadalupe County Crime Stoppers 877-403-8477 or Submit Online
Guadalupe County Crime Stoppers 877-403-8477

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